Welcome to my blog. I’m just an average teenager, going about her daily life, and I thought why not make a platform where I can be a relatable figure to other people my age. In this blog I talk about mental health and my struggles with it, and basically what it’s like to live a life with mental illness. I also blog about fashion, and the clothes that I make. Sometimes I do some poetry. We have a little bit of everything on this blog, check out some of my posts if you’re interested in hearing more.

Here are a couple of my recent posts:

The Clouds

Possible TW!- SH Fidgeting, can’t stop. Sit up, sit back down. Pacing all around. Hands shaking, dancing to the rhythm of the darkness in the clouds. The clouds that fog my thoughts. The thoughts that tell me today is a good day to say goodbye. Today is a good day to say goodbye.  My hands … Continue reading The Clouds


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