Welcome to my blog. I’m just an average teenager, going about her daily life, and I thought why not make a platform where I can be a relatable figure to other people my age. In this blog I talk about mental health and my struggles with it, and basically what it’s like to live a life with mental illness. I also blog about fashion, and the clothes that I make. Sometimes I do some poetry. We have a little bit of everything on this blog, check out some of my posts if you’re interested in hearing more.

Here are a couple of my recent posts:

I am tired

I am tired. No not the sleepy kind. I mean yeah that too, but I’m talking about the drained kind. The exhausted kind. The kind when you realise you are fighting a battle that you have already lost. The kind when you don’t know how to be happy. That kind.  “I am tired” That’s what … Continue reading I am tired


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